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Belle & Rose Mani

This year I've been looking for a yellow holo and someone recommended I try ILNPs Funshine Smoothie. I have also seen many of the Beauty & the Beast themed nails, so I decided to try my hand at it. Here... Continue Reading →

The Magic Show: ILNP The Magician

ILNP just released their Spring 2017 Collection and with it was a special limited edition polish called The Magician, it promises the legendary Unicorn Pee pigmentation within this lovely bottle to put on your nails! So of course we all... Continue Reading →

St. Patty Drybrush

In the spirit of St. Patrick's day and the ushering in of spring, let's play with some green. A friend requested I do some dry brushing, so I rounded up some green polishes and went to town! Dry brushing is... Continue Reading →

Case Full of Magical Creatures Inspiration Nails

When I saw Glam Polish Case Full of Magical Creatures, I got all the way to the checkout and thought, I could buy this or I could try to recreate it... I went for the latter. With so many polishes... Continue Reading →

Framed Opal Nails

So I've been kind of obsessed with the Opal look, this is the second mani I've created as an opal finish. I've used the Opals and Tutus and today I finally used the Opals and Cream polish. So here is... Continue Reading →

Golden Watermarble

  Watermarbling it takes practice, patience and sometimes alcohol. This week I tried some new polishes from Serum No5. I want to let you know I love what this company stands for they are Vegan, Cruelty and Three Free. Every... Continue Reading →

Cygnus Starburst

This week I had to cut my nails down! AHHH!! Yes, I have a betray from my pointer finger on both hands. The least I can say is they stick together, so everyone had to be filed down. With depression... Continue Reading →

Golden Hearts

I don't typically use red polish, and almost never as a feature. But In spirit of the upcoming holiday (even if it is a hallmark holiday), I wanted to do something festive. In the October Julep released the Royal Suite... Continue Reading →

Lot’s O Love Mani

As January approaches it's end and Love Season begins, I wanted to create a mani that brought all the love I could put in a mani. To start here is everything I used: Enchanted Polish Tulle Liquid Love Dope Jam... Continue Reading →

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