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Sassy Sauce Neon Collection

Purchased and Sample Products Are you ready for Day Glow, fresh lemonade, sunglasses and floppy hats? Well, for now grab your shades and let's go through Sassy Sauce's April Neon release! These colors are so bright they have made many... Continue Reading →


Mermaid Mouthwash – Sassy Sauce

Sassy Sauce has released just her April collection on 4/14/2018, the collection consists of Neons, Thermals and Shimmers. I can't let a blue polish escape my clutches and so, I was able to snag Mermaid Mouthwash, I love a good... Continue Reading →

B Polished – Polish Pickup May 2018

PRESS SAMPLE I am truly excited to bring to you the B Polished Polish Pickup contributions for the May 4th window. If you aren’t acquainted with The Polish Pick up (PPU) it is a monthly collection where makers have a... Continue Reading →

Vapid Bath and Body

I fly my Vapicorn flag high and proud! Everyone in my house uses at least one Vapid product. They are not just Nail Polish. Recently, I posted about my skincare routine and it involved mostly vapid products. Both my husband... Continue Reading →

Crystal Mermaid Jelly

Tomorrow will be the release date for the Treasures of the Pacific collection from 1850 Artisan Polish.  I've played around with many looks for this collection and at one point I mentioned how the Jellyfish Pee would work well even... Continue Reading →

Slate Stamping Sauce

I've been making my way through my Sassy Sauce Stamping polishes and here is a new favorite.  This slate polish is richly opaque and is a one coater, duh stamping polish! I found that all the Sassy Sauce Stamping polishes... Continue Reading →

Everest Vibes – Quixotic

As part of the Rainbows & Unicorn Pee group on Facebook, a maker agrees to make a custom and sell it solely to the group. This month Mary from Quixotic created this fabulous dusty blue base with red/green/gold shifting aurora... Continue Reading →

Sassy Sauce Polish – Shadow Storm

I recently received Shadow Storm and I love how reactive this thermal is. Shadow Storm is a black to clear thermal jelly , in it's warm state this polish is full of  pink, copper and gold shifting flakies. The Cold state is... Continue Reading →

Multi-Chrome Gradient

After a quick try at seeing what the new 1850 multi-chrome colors looked like over black, I was inspired to do a gradient with them.  These colors complimented each other well and so I decided to only use 3 of... Continue Reading →

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