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GOT Dragon Scales 

With the 7th Season of Game of Thrones coming up tomorrow, I HAD to create a GOT themed manicure. I recently ordered the BORN PRETTY Chameleon Cloud Paillette Nail Flakies Powder Irregular Nail Sequins Flakes and thought this was an excellent... Continue Reading →

Julep: Kaitlyn

It's been a while since I have purchased polish from Julep but a friend on FB had Julep Kaitlyn  on and I had to try it. Julep has great fast drying formulas and Kaitlyn is not to be left behind, easily could... Continue Reading →

The Don Deeva: Go Fuck Thyself

GFT is a Yellow Jelly to colorless thermal with flakies from Don Deeva. This maker is my favorite provider of thermals for my collection. I know I will find something different in her store that I don't have a dupe... Continue Reading →

The Don Deeva: Box Office Bitch

After my purchase of Acid Crush earlier this summer I had to go back for more thermals over at The Don Deeva her formula's for thermals, Solar and glow in the dark are highly sought out for. She works in small... Continue Reading →

Pretty Serious Haul

I have been waiting to try out the Aussie company's polishes after seeing Tam from @ohmygoshpolish using the pastel collection. Pretty Serious is going to Relaunch their site with a new line of polish and has recently having a blow... Continue Reading →

Royal Frozen Kingdom

I recently purchased the Tonic Polish GOT inspired Frozen Kingdom from Hella Holo Customs an awesome group that works with indie makers to create custom polishes for the group. Frozen Kingdom is described as a Lumichrome for it's luminescence and... Continue Reading →

Patriotic Dry Brush

My Independence day mani was inspired by @polishedbybeckie on instagram. I wanted to go for a fiery holo mani so here is what I used: ILNP Good Vibes Vapid Firestarter Sinful Colors Snow me white Born Pretty Black stamping polish... Continue Reading →

ILNP Summer Jellies

ILNP released their Summer Collection for 2017 early June. This summer many makers are making neons in all sorts of finishes. No one does a Holo Jelly like Barbara! These jellies are fully pigmented and chock full of Holo glitter.... Continue Reading →

Wonder Woman Mani

My week started with so much promise my nails looked fly and I was happy I had completed the Iceberg Challenge! Then Tuesday rolled around and while trying to save my son from a  swinging door...BAM! I wanted to cry... Continue Reading →

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