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Skin Care Routine

Skin Care As you get to your thirty's most women will agree, you have to make sure you are taking care of your skin. Your skin is the best makeup you will ever need. I am not one to wear... Continue Reading →


Valentine’s Day Stamping Plate

PRESS SAMPLE BornPretty sent me 2 of their Valentine's Day stamping plates, today I am reviewing plate BP-L002. This plate is only $2.99 when you order directly from Born Pretty. This plate is very fun to use, I created 3... Continue Reading →

Sally Hensen Pacific Blue OG

A friend of mine recently brought in a blue polish she said was in a box from her High School days, after reminding her it's been almost 2 decades since I was in high school and rolling my eyes a... Continue Reading →

Aurora Neon Unicorn Pigment

PRESS SAMPLE Born Pretty sent me their Aurora Neon Unicorn Chameleon pigment for review and I am pretty impressed. This powder costs $2.99 for 0.3g weight box, I used color #3. The instructions do recommend that the pigment be used over... Continue Reading →

Betraying Phalanges

Let's talk about how my nails have been betraying me lately and I've been too down to care. If you've noticed, heard me whine or follow me you'll know my nails have been short of infuriating over the past month.... Continue Reading →

IndieSwatch Winning Proto’s

This year for the best of 2017 IndieSwatch tallied up all the votes and Bee's Knees Lacquer won in three categories. Best Newcomer 1st Place Best Blue 2nd Place  Best Holographic 3rd Place To thank her Bee Hive, Sarah created... Continue Reading →

The Candy 🍭 Shop Collection

This collection is very sought after. I've seen it sold in the black market for $20-30 a bottle. So when I had the opportunity to get them on the Annual Purge sale, I had to get all of them! These... Continue Reading →

1850 Romance

PRESS SAMPLE Even though I have little shorties, I wanted to honor the launch of 1850 Artisan Polish, created by Nikki Shifter. Her debut collection is truly amazing and has something for everyone. 1850 Launches Saturday January 20th at 7am... Continue Reading →

Cat Eye Gel

PRESS SAMPLE Cat Eye Magnetic manicures are all the rage now, though magnetic polish has been around for quite some time. Born Pretty has sent me their new Magnetic Gel polish to review. Working with Magnetic polish takes a bit... Continue Reading →

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